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Transition From Gas

Replacing any gas heating or cooking appliances in your home with electric ones is an important way to maintain a healthier, safer, and more sustainable home.

More than twice as energy efficient as gas, induction cooking has no open flames or any of the fumes that are estimated to be responsible for up to 12% of childhood asthma cases in Australia. Electric appliances like induction cooktops are simply more convenient than gas cooking. You can boil water in about a third of the time, respond instantly to changes via digital controls, and use additional safety features like child locks and automatic cut-off. Plus, all-electric homes are exempt from the fixed gas supply charge, which is around $1 per day.

Replacing gas stoves and ovens with an electric and induction alternative will require a gasfitter to disconnect and cap off the gas supply to remove the existing appliance(s). A new power supply may also need to be installed by an electrician for the new appliance if there is not one already.

It’s best to chat to an electrician about or gasfitter about your options. Online tools like Make the Switch can assist in calculating savings and planning the financial investment over time.

If renting, you can use an energy-efficient portable electric cooktop in place of a gas cooktop. You can also use an air purifier if your apartment has a gas cooktop and you’re concerned about air pollution (this won’t help with energy efficiency, but it will help with air quality).


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